Opening Hours 2017

Tuesday to Saturday

9.30 am-6pm

Sundays 10 am - 4 pm

Please NOTE we are closed Tuesday 30th May due to external event. Apologies for the invonvenience


These opening hours may vary depending on outside catering events. We will be open some evenings for special occasions and private parties.

Please check website for details.

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Jars and Dry Goods



Skivade Rödbetor (Sliced beetroots)


Färsk Jäst (Fresh yeast)

Dill dip


Blueberry soup

Potatis Mjöl (potato flour)


Bruna Bönor

Gula ärtor

Cocoa powder

Slotts orginal mustard

Lingon, Blueberry, Cloudberry jams

 Karl Johan/Ceps Mushrooms


Fjäll Björk olja

Gran olja

Kallrökt soja