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Smörgåstårta made to order.

Fish , Meat or Vegetarian

Call to order and discuss preferred of flavour

Buffet - all prices excl. VAT


Sauna smoked ham
Smoked Elk sausage

Potato salad with onion, capers and leek
Mixed green salad


£8.90 Per Person



Roast beef with remoulade sauce and crispy onions

Smoked reindeer mousse on rye bread with horseradish cream
Crayfish quiche

Roasted vegetables


£11.50 Per Person



Gravad Lax with mustard sauce and lemon

Skagen salad (Hand peeled prawns in dill and lemon mayonnaise) on toast.

Herb coated chicken breast with pine nuts

Salad with couscous and grilled vegetables 

Mixed green salad


£12.90 Per Person 



 kinds of marinated Herrings with mixed onions and crème fraiche
Warm smoked salmon with sauce Verte and lemon

Quiche Lorraine

Our homemade meatballs (3/p) 

Beetroot salad and Green salad


£14.00 Per Person



Smoked salmon with horseradish cream and rocket

“Nubbesallad” on rye bread (mixed chopped Matjes herring,

potato and 
leek mixed with mayonnaise)

Crayfish quiche

Jansson’s temptation
Thin slices of Reindeer with wasabi cream

Sliced corn fed chicken breast with apple and walnut salad
Potato salad and Tomato salad 

£19.50 Per Person




Princess cake 10/12 pieces £35

Stockholm’s Cherry & chocolate dessert (individual portions) £5.20

Fruit salad with roasted pistachio nuts £4.50

Swedish sweet cheese cake with Cloudberry jam £7.90

Canapé Menu

£1.50 each unless other price is stated


Fish & Seafood
Skagen Prawn salad in dill mayonnaise on toast

Pickled Herring with potato and red onion on crisp bread

Gravad lax with mustard & dill sauce on rye bread

Gravad Lax cube with cucumber on a stick

Cold smoked salmon mousse on rye bread

Warm smoked salmon mousse with leek on rye bread

Tuna fish and capers mix on Polar bread

Gubbröra on pumpernickel (Swedish anchovies, eggs and onion)

Mini potato roesti with Kalix caviar, onion and soured cream (£2.75 each)

Meatballs on a stick with Lingon berry dip (Can be warmed or served cold)

Medium Roasted beef, remoulade and crispy onions on sourdough bread

Smoked ham with cucumber rellish on rye bread

Smoked Reindeer Salami with horseradish cream on Polar bread

Reindeer mousse with Lingon berries on rye bread

Serrano ham and tapenade on Polar bread

Roasted Pork with red cabbage and apple on Rye bread

Duck liver mousse with Figs marmalade on toast (£1.90 each)


Västerbotten cheese crème with red onion marmalade on rye bread

Chevre (goats cheese) mousse on rye bread with figs marmelade

Puff pastry filled with spinach and Feta cheese (served warm or cold)

Puff pastry filled with Wild mushrooms (served warm or cold)

Small Beetroot & Black bean burger with soured cream

Sweet Canapés and Cheese

Black and White sticky chocolate bites

Toffee tartelette

Cloud berry Pannacotta topped with oats crisp

Strawberries dipped in 70% dark chocolate (2/person)

Raspberry & chocolate tartelette

Bruchetta with Stilton and red onion marmalade

Västerbotten Cheese Cubes on a stick

Please book as far in advance as possible (ideally 1 week or more). Plastic strays available at extra cost (£3) If you require service, we can sort staffing at £16/ hour per staff including traveltime
VAT and delivery is not included
For items that require set up onsite or warmed please note we need a kitchen area to set up the items before serving.
Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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