About Us

Göran Landh

Head Chef

Stockholm born Göran Landh began his career in Africa, employed as a head chef in the Gambia´s largest hotel ‘Fajara’ and ´Tropic Bungalow’s´ during the time when tourism in West Africa was at its most expansive. Göran stayed in the Gambia for 5 years.


Göran continued his professional career in Sweden and became an owner of Restaurant Primus, in Stockholm, serving approximately 500 lunches daily.

In 1989 he opened ´Glimminge Hotel & Krog´ together with a business partner in south of Sweden.


He moved back to Stockholm 1992 and bought Stockholm’s most ancient catering company, named Maison Pierre. (www.maisonpierre.se) In addition to Maison Pierre he also managed Riddarhuset´s Banquet halls for members of the house of nobility and Royal Celebrities This catered for up to 140 people.


In 1998 Göran re-opened a well-known restaurant ‘Nalen’ a music and banquet establishment in central Stockholm, including a´la carte restaurant, wine cellar, banquet halls and night club.


Before relocating to London Göran was the owner of two restaurants with 50 staff, located on the old steam ships, s/s Stockholm and m/s Waxholm III, (www.stromma.se) which are cruising in Stockholm’s archipelago seating 160 and 300 people. After 17 years partnership Göran sold his business in 2011 to his business partner, Jesper Taube, also a well-known chef in Sweden.


Göran has a wealth of experience and is passionate about flavour.


Majvor Darnton

Restaurant Manager

Majvor Darnton was born in Sweden and brought up in a middle class family with strong values and traditional customs. Throughout the Swedish calendar family celebrations are focused around food.


Her mother was from Finland hence many childhood years were spent on their farm where food did not only equate to survival but was a way of living. Her grandmother who was a chef has further influenced her interest in food and passion for cooking.


Majvor has been a permanent resident in UK for 30 years. Throughout these years she lived in East Sheen where she brought up her now, three grown up children. 


Majvor is an Occupational Therapist by profession and has extensive experience working with people in the public health sector. An essential part of Majvor’s professional work is food, nutrition, health, preparation, hygiene, cooking.


Majvor has always had a love for cooking, particularly cakes and sweets as well as vegetarian food.