Crayfish party- Kräftskiva

The crayfish party is one of the most popular cultural celebrations in Sweden. We call  it "kräftskiva". It promises great food, great company  and traditional drinking songs (snapsvisor).  All throughout the month of August Swedes are throwing or attending crayfish parties. 


While its not an official holiday, it is a festive tradition with history. The king of Sweden started eating crayfish in the early 1500′s, then in the mid-late 1500′s crayfish were brought to Swedish waters. It wasn’t until the 1700′s that normal country men began to eat them. In the early 1900′s a bacteria started to wipe out the crayfish in Europe. It became illegal to fish for crayfish in Sweden throughout the year, except for a short period in August – thus Kräftskiva, a celebration of being able to eat crayfish once a year. 


How to eat crayfish:

Cold, with your fingers. Bread and a strong cheese such as mature Västerbotten to be eaten on the side. People mostly drink beer and of course, the inevitable snaps. (Oh, and don't forget to wear a funny paper hat and a bib!)


Our Crayfish is traditionally prepared by us at our restaurant and is 

available at our Deli counter. Or even better, come and enjoy our full Crayfish menu! 


Early booking is recommended.

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