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Semlor - Traditional Swedish Lenten Buns Now Available!


Nu har vi hembakade 'Semlor'      (Available until March)


Our homemade traditional Lenten buns are now available to takaway or to order. 


The Swedish Lenten Bun is know in Sweden as a 'Semla' or 'Fettisbulle'.

So loved is this bun that it has its very own day dedicated to itself; Semledagen / Fettisdagen.


They are filled with almond paste and topped whipped cream and historically consumed annually. The actual date varies from year to year, and marks the last Tuesday before Lent (hence the name ‘Lenten Bun’) which is a 40 day fast that precedes Easter. Word on the street is that Semlor have been enjoyed in Sweden since the mid 1500′s though the almond paste and the cream was invented at the beginning of 1900.


Nowadays the Lenten Bun is often available soon after Christmas until Easter...come in and try one!

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